Montag, 7. März 2016

VA - Victory Rock Remixes (KT017)

VA - Victory Rock Again Riddim (KT016)

Toolman - Oyaka (KT015)

Samstag, 31. Oktober 2015

Friends, Djs, Selectors, Dancers, Everyone ! new! currently taking over Ugandan night clubs, share!! Enjoy Bimm

Matooke is a main meal mainly in Buganda region in the country called Uganda so SK Simeon and King Toppa decided to sit down together and a Matooke anthem thats currently taking over Ugandan night clubs by storm, weather you know luganda, the riddim alone will sure get you moving your feet uncontrollably, Enjoy Bim Danke

Samstag, 26. September 2015

Benjie meets King Toppa - Original Style EP

Release Title : Benjie meets King Toppa - Original Style EP
Release Date : 15 Sep 2015
Total Time: 00:13:05
Record Label : KING TOPPA

BENJIE: "Die EP ist für mich ein Salut für die "gute alte Dancehall Zeit". Ich bin ein Fan der 90er Vibes. Nicht wegen der Mode ;), sondern wegen den positiven Basis die man damals im Dancehall und Hip Hop spüren konnte. Original Style halt!"

BENJIE: „The EP is for me an homage to the „90s dancehall“ time… And all the energetic and positive vibes that came with Dancehall and Hip Hop from this times. Original Style!“

1. Original Style
2. Mein Sound
3. Gummisong
4. Danksagung

DOWNLOAD: google music


Freitag, 21. August 2015

SK Simeon - Unnu Better Run ( OFFICIAL VIDEO 2015)

SK Simeon - Unnu Better Run ( OFFICIAL VIDEO 2015)

MASSIVE!! Brand New Smash outta KING TOPPA Camp --

SK Kawuma aka SK Simeon - Unnu Better Run

Production and Vocal mixing by KING TOPPA


Vocals Recorded at Tom a Hawk Studio
Audio Track

It was alot of fun shooting this video and hope you enjoy watching
I want to thank all the people that volunteered to be part of it
Baba MessageMïss Eve, Cater and Zeb IrieItes

Freitag, 31. Juli 2015

King Toppa presents - mixtape - RRDL Session Vol. 10

King Toppa presents - mixtape - RRDL Session Vol. 10
@selectasensi pon the mic

special for ReggaeRecord Downloads / Japan -

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1 Sound di Alarm - Victory Rock Again Riddim (King Toppa) Gento
2 Komputer - Victory Rock Riddim (King Toppa) Babamessage -
3 Dance Haffi Gwaan - Victory Rock Riddim (King Toppa) SK Simeon -
4 Sweet like sugar Ft Speng Bond Atili Bandalero
5 A Mi Style Whitecat
6 Follow Me Blackout
7 Transportation Naja Naja
8 Freedom George Palmer
9 Roadblock Jr Vibes
10 Dangerous System Pad Anthony
11 Dangerous System Version Version
12 SOS (feat Tonto Addi - original mix) RAGGATTACK
13 SOS (dub mix) RAGGATTACK
14 Champion Juggler Don Camillo
15 Video Game Ft. Biga*Ranx Atili Bandalero
16 Ackle & Bother Papa Levi
17 Sailing Tony Tuff
18 Rough Wine Sluggy Ranks
19 Lose Respect Osbert Madoo
20 Tek Life 7" Donovan
21 Tek Life Version 7" Donovan
22 Gang War 7" Hopeton Lindo
23 Gang War Version 7" Hopeton Lindo
24 No Loafin` Bare Essentials
25 Catch The 85 Style 7" General Jah Mikey
26 Give Me Collaterals Thriller U
27 Give Me The Mix Wayne Marshall & The Offbeat Posse
28 Gunshot A Blow 12" Andrew Paul
29 Job Fi Do Thriller U
30 Just Cool Tony Tuff
31 Leave The Herbman Business Al Campbell
32 Nuh Tek it Up 7" Briggy Paul
33 Chase Vampire Sancho